Decisions taken by the Palestinian Cabinet during its session No. 186.

  1. Ratifying the Service level Agreement for Government Electronic Services (Hukumati).
  2. Approval of allocating fund for Jerusalem conference 2023.
  3. Approval of Palestine`s National Strategy to Improve capacity building in the field of public procurement.
  4. Ratification of the cooperation MOU between Palestine civil police and Indonesian national police in the fields building capacities and combating cross borders crimes.
  5. Approval of direct purchase of vehicles for the police apparatus.
  6. Approval of allocating a sum of money to the Ministry of Interior for 2023, to benefit the police apparatus.
  7. Approval of direct contract with a French company to print the ordinary passports books.
  8. Approval of contracting with two experts to work at the Ministry of Education.
  9. Formation of a ministerial committee to study the implementation agreement with Izdehar Palestine Power Generation Company based in Hebron
  10. Contracting with a doctor to work at Palestine Medical Compound.
  11. Approval of appendix to contract no. (1) For Executing works to reconfigure the water networks systems in the central region/ the southern governorates (w02) as a part of the desalination plant project.
  12. Approval of the job description of the Orphans Care Department and the affiliated sections in the Ministry of Social Development.
  13. Referral of a number of security services members on early retirement upon their request.
  14. Approval of granting fund to a number of non- profit companies.
  15. Approval of the regulation amending civil servants bonuses payment regulation no (21) of 2022.