Our Vision:

To be distinguished and effective in determining national government priorities, and follow up its implementation efficiently and effectively.


Our Mission:

The General Secretariat of the Council of Ministries strives for excellence in its work, upgrading government performance, contributing to the determination of national government priorities according to the needs and interests of the Palestinian citizen, and follow-up implementation with all relevant government institutions.


Our Goals:

- Excellent institutional building, able to cope with technological changes and the use of modern management methods, in a flexible, transparent and dynamic manner.

- Improving the performance of government institutions and services.

- Communicating with the Palestinian citizen, expressing his needs, and conveying his concerns and recommendations to decision-makers in various government institutions


Our Tasks:

1. Communicate with all government service institutions and work with and through them to provide the best services to citizens with the least time, effort and cost and with the utmost accuracy, transparency and responsibility, and urge all institutions to prepare procedural evidence, publish and update it constantly.

2. Communicate with the Palestinian citizens and work to deliver their voice through opinion polls and research reports that monitor the Palestinian reality in the field, and raise its recommendations to the Council of Ministers or the relevant government agencies to take the necessary action in this regard.

3. Preparation of reports to the Council of Ministers on the governmental performance of ministries and government institutions, and regular communication with all non-ministerial government institutions.

4. Follow up the implementation of the government program and government decisions with all relevant authorities and submit the necessary recommendations to the Council of Ministers.

5.Follow-up the work of the ministerial committees, and provide all forms of technical, legal, administrative and logistical support; so that these ministerial committees can carry out their tasks and meetings and make recommendations to the Council of Ministers to take the necessary decisions.

6. Preparing the agendas of the Council of Ministers meetings, drafting minutes and recommendations, issuing government decisions, announcing them and keeping them according to the latest methods and specifications.