The Secretary General of the Palestinian Council of Ministers, Dr. Amjad Ghanem.

Dr. Amjed Ghanim                                                     


  1. Ph.D. Industrial Engineering and Artificial Intelligence - NMSU, USA, 1995.
  2. Founder & Head of the Industrial Engineering Dep / AnNajah National Univ.
  3. Faculty Member, European EFQM, Licensed Advisor and Consultant
  4. Member of the Global Innovation Institute (GInI) – USA
  5. Expert in Strategy and Policy Development, Institutional Development, Innovation/Excellence and Performance Management.
  6. 25-year experience in many Arab countries, the USA, UK, and Canada.


  • Born in 1965 in Deir El Ghusun, Amjed is an established engineering management expert and academic in the field of artificial intelligence, policy making, strategic planning, institutional development, performance management, and innovation and excellence, with more than 25- year experience designing and delivering effective solutions to governments & companies seeking business excellence. He has extensive experience in government and private sectors locally, regionally, and internationally.


  • Joined AnNajah National University in 1996, where he established the first Industrial Engineering (IE) program in Palestine and chaired the department for several years, after which he worked for many years as a professor of Management Engineering. He also managed to establish other BIS program in the IT Faculty in 2005, and an MS program in Management Engineering in 2007.  


  • Resigned from academia in 2007, and continued to deliver mission through a network of business offices in Ramallah, Abu Dhabi, Dubai, and Amman, where he designed and supervised hundreds of projects in strategy and policy development, restructuring, risk management, innovation, and quality/excellence.


  • Worked in Palestine, the UAE, Saudi Arabia, Qatar, Bahrain, Jordan, Oman, and UK, and with many international organizations such as World Bank, Dubai Quality Group, WHO, CHF International, JICA, GIZ, and the European EFQM as a licensed advisor to deliver Excellence consulting services.  


  • Long experience in the Palestinian Government and Laws through previous assignments at the Office of the President, Ministry of National Economy, Ministry of Local Government, Ministry of Finance, Ministry of Education, Civil Police, Judicial Council, Ministry of Transport, Statistics Bureau, and State Audit Bureau.




  • Ph.D. Industrial Engineering, Statistical and Artificial Intelligence Techniques in Management - New Mexico State University (NMSU), USA, 1995.
  • MS Computer and Electrical Engineering, NSMU, 1993.
  • MS Quality Engineering, The Univ. of Jordan – Amman, 1990.
  • BS Electrical Engineering, The Univ. of Jordan – Amman, 988.



Minister of Women's Affairs, Amal Hamad
Minister of Women's Affairs
Minister of Social Development, Ahmad Majdalani
Minister of Social Development
The Secretary General of the Palestinian Council of Ministers, Dr. Amjad Ghanem.
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