Cabinet session No. (18) 26 August 2019


Cabinet session No. (18) 26 August 2019


Ratify the Memorandum of Understanding between the Ministry of Jerusalem Affairs and the United Nations Development Program (UNDP) on supporting the Ministry of Jerusalem Affairs at various levels, including research on technical assistance and strengthening cooperation and partnership in the exchange of information and experiences



Forming a ministerial committee to prepare the tender system for electronic payment


Approving the change order in the project of establishing electricity chambers and external works in the training camp of the President's Guard in Jericho.


Approval of the change order of the contract with "Al-Abdul-Hadi for Engineering Investments" to follow up the implementation of the Kuwaiti grant for the reconstruction of the southern governorates.


Allocating (3 million NIS) to complete the sewage project in Tayasir, Tubas Governorate.



Approving the Slaughterhouse system in the local authority area to ensure meat safety.



Authorizing the Minister of Finance to take the necessary measures to use international arbitration in cases with the Israeli side in accordance with the agreements signed.

 Approving a modified financial system to support the resilience of Jerusalemites.



Saturday, 31/08/2019 is considered an official holiday on the occasion of the Islamic New Year.



Approve the granting of purchase permits to legal persons to own immovable property