Cabinet session No. (53) 20 April 2020


Cabinet session No. (53) 20 April  2020


Putting the various Palestinian governorates departments’ staff at the disposal of the local emergency committees to carry out the duty of monitory and inspection with accordance to the health protocol of institutions and professions allowed to be working during the emergency period


Formation of a committee to set an action plan for conducting the 2020 high school exam in Palestine. The plan should also include health, educational, and security regulations for holding the exam and the committee will operate to do the following:

- Develop a risk management plan that ensures the readiness, speed and flexibility at handling the expected emergencies and risks.

- Follow up and supervise the implementation of the plan of the high school exam.


Allocating funds to cover the necessary execution requirements of the 2020 high school exam in Palestine.


Formation of a ministerial committee to develop a vision and a work plan for the return of the Palestinian students who are stuck abroad.


Approval of the  draft vision offered by the Ministry of Education pertaining the procedures of ending the school year  2019-2020 for students of grades one to eleven, provided that the Minister of Education has to provide with the assessment of last developments relating to when to start the new school year 2020-2021.


 Approval of a number of funding requests for nonprofit companies.