Decisions taken by the Palestinian Cabinet No. 86


Decisions taken by the Palestinian Cabinet during its session No. 86.

1. Approval of purchasing the (NTBC) medicine for treatment of children`s rare genetic diseases.

2. Exemption for residents of Al Nabi Samwil village from health care insurance fees, which comes under the government`s plans and programs aiming to enhance the resilience Jerusalemites and the residents of the marginalized areas.

3. Approval of the financial allocations of the Jordan Valley`s governmental development projects with in the 2020 budget, and the start of appointing the Civil Defense human required cadre for the city of Jericho as well as the Jordan Valley

4. Approval of a number of fund requests for non- profit companies`.

5. Approval of granting a number of purchase permits to individuals and companies to possess immovable real estates.