Cabinet session No. (76) 28 September 2020


Decisions of the Palestinian`s cabinet meeting No. 76.

  1. Ratification of the government sectorial strategic plans for seven governmental departments.
  2. Adopting the logo of Palestine Investment Bank inspired by the walls and gates of the city of Jerusalem.
  3. Approval of the basic needs for the infra-structure, the human cadre and the E - payment system`s establishment and operating requirements.
  4.   Formation of a committee to study the military medical service programs and activities, and establishment of a military hospital. Provided that the committee operates to study the military health services status quo, as well as the provided service basket and its financial cost in0`cluding the medical transfers for the security service personnel to civil and private hospitals.
  5.  Agreement on the government's financial commitments resulted by the medical transfers’ service agreement signed between the Al Makassed Islamic Charitable Society Hospital Jerusalem and the Bank of Palestine.
  6.  Approval of the Infrastructure Permanent Ministerial Committee recommendations received as follows: Giving priority to the developments projects listed in the 2020 Palestinian Energy and Natural Resources Authority budget, especially projects of infrastructure work in the marginalized areas, and the territories threatened by annexation by the occupation. Further, providing the needed fund for infrastructure projects in the industrial cities, and the industrial free zone areas.
  7. Approval of the appointment of Professor " Rizk Bashir Salimiyeh" as president of the National University for Technical and Vocational Education and Training.
  8. Dissolving the “Al - Nuweiba and Al - Dyuk Al - Fawqa “municipality council in Jericho, and assign the Minister of Local Governance to establish a committee to carry out the duties of the dissolved council until the holding of the Local Authorities elections.
  9. Approval of a number of fund requests for non- profit companies.
  10. Approval of granting a number of purchase permits to individuals and companies to possess immovable real estates.
  11. Ratification of the Palestine`s accession to the amended charter of the East Mediterranean Gas Forum.