Cabinet session No. (79) 19 October 2020


Decisions of the Palestinian`s cabinet meeting No. 79.

  1. Approval of conducting the tender of the Zahrat Al Finjan landfill project of converting solid wastes into energy at all local newspapers and international platforms.
  2. Ratification of a number of projects in various development fields such as renewable energy and modernization of the devices of the Palestinian Environmental Authority.
  3. Approval of purchase permits for a number of Non – Palestinian nationalists. 
  4. Referring a number of legislations to the cabinet members to study and make notes, as a preparatory step for taking the legal requirement in the next cabinet session.
  5. Consider Thursday the twelfths of Rabi Al - Awal 1442 AH, 29/10/2020 AD, as an official holiday on memorizing the birth of Prophet Muhammad.
  6. The start of wintertime in Palestine, by delaying the clock (60 Minutes), starting on Saturday, 10/24/2020, 1:00 AM. .
  7. Approval of the 2020 Cabinet Scholarship for the high school students.