Cabinet session No. (20) 09 September 2019


Cabinet session No. (20) 09 September 2019


Naming the joint square of Ramallah and Al-Bireh, which is located at the intersection of Yarmouk Street and Jamal Abdel Nasser Street under the name of the late President of Tunisia (Al Beji Qaid Essebsi).


Instructing the Water Authority and the Ministry of Local Government to set up a follow-up mechanism with service providers who have a loss rate of more than 30% to carry out the necessary rehabilitation of water networks in order to reduce the percentage of waste, provided that the rehabilitation costs are deducted from the water bill issued by the Water Department in the West Bank.


Ratification of  the cooperation agreement between the Palestinian Ministry of Agriculture  and Livestock of  the Republic of Ecuador, which aims to exchange information and experiences in improving production practices in agricultural crops, post-harvest operations, agricultural health, food safety, technological tools, organic production, irrigation and marketing.


Approval of two memorandums of understanding with the Government of Ecuador: The first Memo is In the field of sports cooperation, which aims to exchange experiences and information, manage and maintain sports facilities, and organize events, in addition to innovation and encourage sports for people with disabilities.

The second Memo of understanding on youth cooperation which aims to exchange youth delegations and the ability to analyze youth  strengths and weaknesses.


Appropriation of NIS 2 million for the purchase of supporting devices for persons with disabilities.


Allocating funds to conduct a tender to study and design the road of Sateh Marhaba -Kafr Aqab – Ram


Preventing importing calves from the Israeli market and instructing the Ministry of Agriculture, Ministry of National Economy, Ministry of Finance and the Customs Control Authority to take the necessary measures to follow up the implementation of the resolution  preserving the interests of the consumers, traders and importers.



Formation of a special tender committee to buy fire vehicles and waste transfer vehicles for the use of the local authorities.