Cabinet session No. (35) 16 December 2019.


Cabinet session No. (35) 16 December 2019.


Approval of a council formation to follow up cluster - based development plans in each governorate.


Consider the following occasions as official holidays in Palatine: The Christmas day for the western sect on Wednesday 25/12/2019, the New Year day on Wednesday 01/01/2020, the Christmas day for the eastern sect on Tuesday 07012020.



Allocate fund for executing Qlandia road rehabilitation project. (Al- Bireh southern entrance) Jerusalem.



Allocate money to provide the needs of the Civil Defense in order to raise its readiness of dealing with emergency efficiently.


Referral of a number of employees to retirement upon their request.


Placement to H.E The president Mahmood Abbas to allocate a piece of land for the use of the Ministry of Health for the establishment of  the hospital funded by the Indian Government in Biet Jala- Bethlehem.


Agreement of granting a number of purchase permits to individuals and     companies to possess immovable assets.


Approval on the formation of the Palestinian National School of Administration (PNSA) board of directors