PM Shtayyeh describes Israel’s actions in the occupied territories as organized state terrorism

PM Shtayyeh describes Israel’s actions in the occupied territories as organized state terrorism

Prime Minister Mohammad Shtayyeh described Israel’s actions in the occupied Palestinian territories as organized state terrorism. “What is happening on the ground is organized state terrorism, which the Israeli occupation government is solely responsible for,” said Shtayyeh at the the weekly cabinet meeting (178) held in Ramallah.

“The world should not remain silent regarding the crimes that the occupation soldiers commit in the cities, villages and refugee camps that claim the lives of children and youths as part of a systematic policy based on killing for the sake of killing, whose pace increases with the approach of the Israeli elections,” said the Prime Minister.

“The international silence regarding these crimes is an encouragement to the occupation,” said Shtayyeh, adding that “statements of condemnations or concern are not enough to stop these crimes as mothers and fathers lose their loved ones whose corpses are held in a way unprecedented in history, while raids, settler terrorism, and attacks against people and their property continue and their holy places are desecrated.”

Shtayyeh indicated that during the past month, settlers carried out dozens of attacks and the occupation forces set up hundreds of checkpoints, as well as raided towns, detained, killed, and wounded people, demolished structures, and seized large areas of lands and properties.

He stressed that the Palestinian people are facing an all-out war and bloody aggression that did not stop for a moment, during which the occupation soldiers and settlers exchange roles in committing crimes.

The Prime Minister stressed that the international community must criminalize the occupation’s attacks, hold Israel accountable for its crimes, and put the settler gangs on the terrorist lists.

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