Remarks by Prime Minister Shtayyeh of Palestine Ahead of The Council of Ministers 167th Meeting



Remarks by Prime Minister Shtayyeh of Palestine Ahead of The Council of Ministers 167th Meeting



The Opening Statement


H.E. The Prime Minister of the State of Palestine, Dr. Mohammed Shtayyeh, commended His Excellency, the President of the State of Palestine, Dr. Mahmoud Abbas, strong, courageous, and unwavering position. The position, H.E. The President reflected in his speech while receiving the President of the United States of America, Mr. Joseph Biden, in Bethlehem, Dr. Shtayyeh said, represents the Council of Minister's firm position; behind the President.

The Prime Minister: At the outset of the 167th meeting, held Monday in Ramallah, indicated that this position guarantees Palestinian national rights and constants in ending the occupation, freedom, independence, self-determination, and the establishment of a Palestinian State with Jerusalem as its capital. "His Presidency, Dr. Mahmoud Abbas, delivered the message and voice of the Palestinian resilient people to the American President reliably and faithfully," Shtayyeh made clear.

On another front, touching upon the travelers' situation at the Al-Karameh border crossing, stressing that the government was following up on the situation affecting Palestinian people who use the crossing, Dr. Shtayyeh made the following comment.

“The optimal solution is to set up truck lanes and different lanes for other travelers rather than integrating them. Our brothers in Jordan are working with us to develop the border crossings from their side, and we support them in every procedure to facilitate the movement of travelers.”

The Primer emphasized that the Palestinian government would work in agreement with the brotherly Jordanian government and the Israeli side for a short-term resolution of this matter by extending the working hours and expanding and establishing new routes in the medium-term.

Separately, Dr. Shtayyeh called on the U.S. administration to halt new illegal settlement schemes across the West Bank, which would undermine the two-state solution. The Palestinian Prime Minister added, “Once U.S. President Mr. Joe Biden's visit to the region was over, the occupation government announced its approval of schemes to seize hundreds of dunums of Palestinian land from the governorates of Bethlehem and Ramallah for 30 new illegal Zionist settlement units.” Moreover, Shtayyeh called for the immediate cessation of illegal settlement expansion, in accordance with the resolutions of international legitimacy, to preserve our Palestinian people's right to establish an independent State.

On his part, His Excellency expressed his appreciation of the long-standing Arab position on the Palestinian cause, which has been apparent at the Jeddah Security and Development Summit through the speeches of their Excellences, the Kings, Princes, and Arab Presidents participating in the Summit. Moreover, Dr. Shtayyeh asserted that Palestine and its just cause would remain a condition and a key to peace and stability in the region and the world. At the same time, Dr. Shtayyeh valued Saudi Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman's position in his important speech that only by ending the occupation shall relations be normalized with Israel.


Palestinian Affairs 


The Council heard an update from the Minister of Endowments and Religious Affairs on this year's pilgrimage - Hajj - season. The Council appreciated the Palestinian mission's level of organization and performance, which oversaw all pilgrims from the West Bank, Gaza Strip, Jerusalem, and Diaspora. With the safe, secure, and reassuring return of Palestinian pilgrims declaring the end of the session, the Council extended his congratulations to all pilgrims on completing this year's pilgrimage.

The Council of Ministers praised the Ministry of Culture's ceremony yesterday commemorating the fiftieth anniversary of Israel's assassination of the Palestinian writer, novelist, and journalist Ghassan Kanafani.

The Council heard an update from the Minister of Health on the epidemiological situation. The Council calls for the need to adhere to health protocols such as wearing a mask in crowded places and showing a certificate of vaccination when requesting service from official institutions, and the importance of receiving booster doses in light of the increasing number of COVID-19 infections.

The Council heard an update from the Minister of Transport and Communications on the demands of public transportation drivers. The Council ratified the Minister's recommendation to provide diesel subsidies "shekel per liter" for a period of three months within an agreed mechanism. Transport fares shall not be raised within the agreed period. Furthermore, the ministerial committee should be activated to prevent unlicensed private vehicles from transporting passengers and seizing illegal cars.

The Council of Ministers has ratified the Ministry of Public Works and Housing projects conducted for the Ministry of Health, which include the establishment and finishing of a third floor and intensive care unit at Jenin Hospital up to a value of NIS 2 million.

The Council of Ministers has ratified the Ministry of Public Works and Housing projects conducted for the Ministry of Health, which include the establishment and finishing of a third floor and intensive care unit at Jenin Hospital up to a value of NIS 2 million. Moreover, The Council has approved a tender for the construction of three floors above the new college in Palestine's Medical Complex in Ramallah, which amounts to NIS 8 million, and a tender for the provision of engineering services to supervise the Zeita-Illar road in Tulkarm governorate.


International Affairs


His Excellency, The Prime Minister of Palestine, expressed [His] condolences and sympathy to Japan's Prime Minister Fumio Kishida, the Japanese Government, and the friendly people of Japan following the death of former Prime Minister, Mr. Shinzo Abe, wishing Japan and its people benevolence, progress, and peace.

As to Europe, Dr. Shtayyeh hailed nine European States' positions rejecting the occupation Government's designation of Palestinian NGOs as terrorist organizations. The Primer expressed his gratitude to the States that voted in favor, calling on the rest of the States to take similar positions.

The Council of Ministers extended his condolences to the South African “SA Development” football club following the death of one of the team players. Unfortunately, Kabelo Masalesa drowned in Jericho City during the team's visit to Palestine to play matches with Palestinian teams and express the club's solidarity with the Palestinian people. 

The delegation is composed of 40 people, including 18 players. An official and popular funeral ceremony for the child's body, Masalesa, will be held at the headquarters of Jericho governorate Wednesday at 12 o'clock. The Young athlete's funeral will be covered using a Palestinian and a South African flag before transporting his body to his final resting place in South Africa.


HCYS, A Guest On The Council Of Ministers; Youth and Sports Movement: Challenges, Vision, and Action Plan


The Council of Ministers hosted the President of the Higher Council for Youth and Sports – Palestine (HCYS), His Excellency, General Jibril Rajoub. H.E. Rajoub gave an extensive account of the realities and circumstances of the past, present, and future sports, youth, and scouting movement and the movement's significant development in Arab, regional and international forums.

The General presented his vision of the sports, youth, and scouting movement to the Council. In light of the support the movement needs to continue its national mission performance, its presence in all Arab, continental, and international forums, local development through the construction and development of sports facilities, and the increasing interest in sports, youth, and scouting movement, Mr. Jibril, stressed the need to disassociate the Palestinian sports movement from any political tensions, enabling the sports movement with all its components to remain a united and an active and influential part of Arab, continental, and international organizations.

H. E. The President of ‘HCYS’ noted that Palestine nowadays has (298) sports clubs, including (205) clubs in the northern governorates, (56) clubs in the southern governorates, and (37) clubs in the diaspora. Trainers with various international degrees have been qualified to train the teams and clubs, the ‘HCYS’ President said. Rajoub pointed out that the Supreme Council for Youth and Sports has rehabilitated (91) stadiums in the West Bank, Gaza Strip, and Jerusalem. Mr. Rajoub called for increased attention to school and university sports and the development and dissemination of the Palestinian scouting movement, the oldest in the Arab world.

During the meeting, Rajoub indicated that there were five financial centers requiring support and greater attention: the Supreme Council for Youth and Sport, Palestine TV Youth & Sports, the Palestinian Football Association, Palestine Olympic Committee, and the Palestinian Scouts' Association. General Rajoub proposed the formation of a joint committee comprising members of the liberation Organization, the Government, the General Personnel Council, and the Supreme Council for Youth and Sports to examine the youth, sports, and scouting movement's resources and needs.



The Council of Ministers Has Decided That:


  • The Final Recommendations To Assist The Transportation Sector by Fuel Subsidies to Ease Citizens' Financial Burdens and Stabilize Transportation Prices, Shall Be Adopted.
  • The Higher Council for Youth and Sports (HYCS) Action Plan for the Development of the Youth, Sports and Scouts Sector, Palestine Olympic Committee, and Palestine TV Youth & Sports, Shall be Adopted.
  • The Final approval of a Number of References for Development Projects Valued Plus NIS 10 Million in the Areas of Health, Roads, and Education Shall be Provided.
  • Ministries Shall Be Requested to Employ Auditing Procedures on Government Tax and Non-Tax Revenues Through Devoted Bank Accounts For Each Ministry.
  • Palestine Standards Institution Board Reconstitution Application Shall Be Submitted to H.E. The President of the State of Palestine.
  • Project Financing Mechanism Through Tracking Flows and Prioritizing, Per The Government Development Plan, Shall Be Approved.
  • The Special Recommendations Package to Prevent The Occupation's Attacks on Al-Ibrahimi Mosque Compound Shall Be Adopted.





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