Summary of Key Remarks by Prime Minister Dr. Mohammad Shtayyeh Ahead of the Cabinet 103rd Meeting


- We stand with Jordan, the King, the government, and the people in the face of any attempts that may target its security and stability.

As President Mahmoud Abbas said, the security and stability of Jordan is a supreme Palestinian interest, and that any harm to Jordan's stability is also a harm to the security and stability of Palestine. The historical relationship that binds the two nations is a blood relationship and a common destiny.

-This morning, we started vaccinating primary stage teachers and administrators in public, private, and UNRWA schools, prioritizing the older age groups. This comes in preparation for returning to schools for primary stage students and kindergarten next Sunday, 11 April. Educational personnel of other stages will also be vaccinated later, ahead of the total return to schools as per the blended learning program set by the Ministry of Education. At a later stage, we will provide vaccinations to university and college staff to return to face-to-face- learning in all educational institutions.

- I extend my appreciation to the security, medical, and health personnel for their efforts in providing vaccines to our citizens per the announced health protocols, aiming to reach herd immunity to get back to normal life after a whole year of isolation.

-On Wednesday, we will launch a conference on COVID-19 status in Palestine: Challenges and Confrontation. Participants will be from all sectors, including our international partners that provided us with aid and assistance to withstand the virus's outbreak. The conference will shed light on the most prominent challenges, efforts, and measures taken by the government to curb the COVID-19 pandemic and limit its spread.

-Soon, we will receive new batches of vaccines that will enable us to continue vaccinating our citizens quickly and smoothly and per health protocols announced by the Ministry of Health.

-Yesterday, we announced new mitigated measures that will last until the citizens comply with the preventive measures, especially masks and avoiding gatherings. We will announce specific arrangements for Ramadan that should ensure complying with the preventive measures and contributing to reviving various economic sectors. Meanwhile, the vaccination campaign will continue to ensure that more citizens receive vaccinations.

-On behalf of the Palestinian Cabinet, I extend our warmest wishes to the Palestinian citizens observing Easter.

- The submission of 63 electoral lists for the legislative elections, to be held on 22 May, indicates a state of pluralism and hunger for participating in a democratic process. On behalf of the Cabinet, I salute those who applied for the elections - we are committed to facilitating democratic and transparent participation. It will be an important day in the Palestinian national calendar as the Palestinian question will acquire a new immunity to face external challenges and overcome the consequences of internal division through a partnership under the umbrella of the legislative council and all national components that will participate in this democratic process.

-We are aware of the significant challenges towards reaching this historical moment with everybody's participation in the elections, whether as candidates or voters. International pressure on Israel and the persistence of all forces on holding elections in Jerusalem will constitute international pressure on Israel and force it to allow our people in Jerusalem to participate in elections, as they previously did in 1996, 2005, and 2006.

- Through the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, we have sent letters to the United Nations, the European Union, the United States, and Russia to immediately intervene and oblige Israel to abide by all signed agreements - including by allowing our people in Jerusalem to participate in this elections as it was the case in 1996, 2005, and 2006.

-In another context, we condemn the ethnic cleansing carried out by Israel in the Holy City of Jerusalem through its continued attempts to seize Palestinian citizens' homes in Sheikh Jarrah to benefit settlers. The occupation authorities also continue to issue demolition and confiscation orders to around 20,000 homes in Jerusalem in favor of Israeli settlers to replace the indigenous Palestinian people.

- We also condemn the ongoing settlers' attack against our citizens in villages and towns, especially the attack under Israeli soldiers' protection against Walid Shweikeh, 75, while he was in his land in Jaloud village south of Nablus.

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