The Prime Minister: We shall remain faithful for hospitals in Jerusalem and we will provide support wherever there is a chance


The Prime Minister: We shall remain faithful for hospitals in Jerusalem and we will provide support wherever there is a chance

Shttayeh: A financial support of USD 1.2 million for three hospitals in Jerusalem through the Arab Fund


Ramallah – Prime Minister's Office: H.E. the Prime Minister, Dr. Mohammad Shtayyeh discussed on Saturday, at his office in Ramallah, ways to consolidate and protect hospitals in Jerusalem, in addition to their important role in facing the Coronavirus, with a delegation from hospitals in Jerusalem and in the presence of H.E. Fadi Al-Hadami, Minister of Jerusalem Affairs.


During the meeting, H.E. Prime Minister announced a support of USD 1.2 million from the Arab Fund in Kuwait, where each of Al-Makassed Charitable Hospital, Augusta Victoria Hospital and St. John Eye Hospital receive USD 400 thousands.      

 The Prime Minister said: "We are proud of Jerusalem's hospitals and look at them as national institutions in the occupied Jerusalem. We shall remain faithful for those institutions, which are not only important at the national and political levels, but they are also very important due to the high quality of health and medical services that they provide to all of the Palestinian people."


He proceeded: "Wherever there is a chance for supporting the hospitals in Jerusalem, we will seek it, whether it is through continuing providing medical transfers to them or by attracting international support and helping them dealing and solving some administrative issues."


Furthermore, Al-Makassed Hospital team extended their sincere gratitude and appreciation to H.E. the Prime Minister for his patronage and sponsorship for an agreement, which is supporting the hospital of obtaining a bank loan of ILS 50 million, that ensures solving the financial crisis that the hospital is going through, which has always threatened the survival and the ability of the hospital to continue its services. This loan shall provide the necessary funding that the hospital needs to continue its work, where a reform program to prevent recurrence of the financial crisis and the accumulation of debts again accompanied the said loan. 


Lastly, Al-Hadami confirmed, from his side, that the committee assigned by the Prime Minister will continue its duties of supporting Al-Makassed Hospital to make the solution sustainable over the long term by taking strategic steps for ensuring the stability of this national institution in Jerusalem.


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