H.E Dr. Shtayyeh:The issue of workers in Israel is still our biggest challenge


H.E Dr. Shtayyeh:The issue of workers in Israel is still our biggest challenge

Security meeting discussed measures to be taken in the governorates


 H.E. Dr. Mohammad Shtayyeh discussed with the leaders of the security forces the evaluation of the current measures taken in order to stop the outbreak of the Coronavirus and the implementation of new measures in the different governorates.

Moreover, the Prime Minister said that the main goal behind our procedures and measures is to stop and prevent gatherings. Hence and since the announcement of the emergency by H.E. President, Mahmoud Abbas, in accordance with a prevention plan and within gradual measures, and we have addressed and fixed a number of holes among which are tourism, borders, crossing borders and employment in Israel.

H.E. Dr. Shtayyeh proceeded saying: “79% of our infection cases are from workers in Israel and their contacts which made dealing with workers our biggest challenge in terms of our procedures and measures, that in return made it vital for us to continue with the strictest measures; hence, this what made us request a meeting with the other side to organize the matter.”

The meeting recommended that any review of the measures or any amendment upon them must be accompanied by a security and health restrictions in order to protect the lives of the people and to stop the danger of the pandemic outbreak faster than before. Also, the meeting discussed the classification of the governorates by the pandemic status in each one of them.

Furthermore, the meeting evaluated the performance of the security forces since the start of the emergency and the possibilities of enhancing this performance, as well as making some amendments on certain followed security measures.

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