Summary of Key Remarks by Prime Minister Dr. Mohammad Shtayyeh Ahead of the Cabinet 112th Meeting


- Yesterday, we finished a visit to Qatar, Jordan, Kuwait, and Oman, with great support from our Arab brothers for H.E. President Mahmoud Abbas's efforts to mobilize Arab, regional and international support for the question of Palestine and for creating a political path to end the occupation. We also received approval for supporting Jerusalem and the reconstruction of the Gaza Strip.


- Today, Cairo hosts meetings of the Palestinian national factions to discuss possible ways to end the division, to support the relief efforts for our people in the Gaza Strip, and to build on the international solidarity with Palestine in a way that enhances national unity. We hope that these meetings will be successful.


- Last week, several ministers arrived in the Gaza Strip to assess damages caused to the infrastructure, residential buildings, and towers- in addition to the damages to all sectors, especially health, electricity, economic and agricultural facilities, and municipalities. To pursue the reconstruction process of the Gaza Strip, a team of Ministers and representatives from the civil society and private sector will be formed. Upon agreement with countries, the reconstruction process will take place through the Palestinian government.


- Israel continues to enforce its settlement plans, the most recent of which was laying the foundation stone for about 350 new settlement units in the Beit El illegal settlement built on lands belonging to Ramallah and Al-Bireh Governorate. During the last month, Israel confiscated around 600 dunams to construct dozens of buildings in settlement colonial installations (outposts) built on the lands of Beita, Qabalan, and Yatma villages. Supported by the Israeli occupying forces, settlers continue their attacks on many Palestinian villages and towns in areas threatened with land confiscation.


- We salute our people in Beita, Direstia, Kafl Haris, Nilin, and Kafr Qaddoum for confronting the settlers' terror. We extend our condolences to the families of the martyrs who defended the land in Jabal Sabih in Beita, the martyr of Birzeit University, and all other martyrs.


- The steadfastness of our people in Jerusalem; in their homes, neighborhoods, and the Al-Aqsa Mosque Compound made the occupation authorities call off the settlers' flag march in Jerusalem's Old City. The Palestinian will, embodied by our people in all their places of existence, can achieve a lot. Here, I salute Muna, Mohammad, and Al-Kurd family that sets a role model form steadfastness and honesty.


- As vaccination continues in all governorates, we started to enter the stage of cautious and gradual recovery from COVID-19. Intensive care units have witnessed a remarkable decrease, the lowest since the pandemic outbreak about a year ago. Accordingly, several hospitals designated for COVID-19 treatment were closed for rehabilitation to receive ordinary patients. On this occasion, I extend my thanks and appreciation to the medical, health, and security teams.


- Regarding the vaccination process, approximately 15% of the targeted group (in addition to workers and our people in Jerusalem) has received the first dose of the vaccine. In light of the high demand for the vaccine, we increased the number of vaccination centers to 22. We also contracted with Pfizer, Sputnik, and Covax to meet our needs until we reach complete herd immunity.

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