Remarks by Prime Minister Dr. Mohammad Shtayyeh ahead of the Cabinet 100th Meeting



- Comprehensive lockdown measures have been implemented this morning in all governorates upon agreement with governors for five days, including next Friday and Saturday.

- Closure will be imposed for 14 days as recommended by the epidemiological committee to break the transmission chain and stop its accelerated spread.

- We cannot predict the virus behavior, which is spreading in mutated strains that caused an increase in the infection rates in many countries, including us. As a result, we found ourselves forced to return to previously implemented measures and procedures amidst the alarming increase of bed occupancy rates in hospitals and intensive care units.

- Great progress was made today in the communications to get the vaccines, whether the doses we paid for or those we will receive as donations from COVAX. The problem is not financial; it is related to these companies' fulfillment of their obligations.

- There is vaccine piracy and politicization to provide it with high demand and a limited supply. We have been exerting every effort possible through our diplomatic, political, international, and medical channels and with our friends and the world.

- We can launch a national campaign for community immunity, starting with the most vulnerable people, those with chronic diseases and the elderly,  to create a safe community environment in the upcoming period to protect our people from this pandemic.

- I am satisfied with the citizens' registration in the online vaccine platform of the Ministry of Health.

- During the past few days, the Ministry of Health, in many hospitals in all governorates, employed more workers, created new departments, and increased the number of beds to deal with the increasing number of infections. Cooperation between the private and civil hospitals continues to ensure emergency services in all parts of the country.



- Meetings of the national factions will begin in Cairo today for two days to complete all necessary preparations for the legislative elections scheduled to take place on 22 May.

- I extend my thanks and appreciation to our Egyptian brothers for embracing the national dialogue sessions and their contribution to overcoming the obstacles facing reaching a consensus.


International issues:

- We extend our sincere condolences to the King, Government, and People of Jordan for the tragic death of COVID-19 patients in a hospital due to lack of oxygen. We wish safety and wellness to our people in Jordan.

- We express our appreciation for the letter presented by members of the US Congress to the US State Department. They called on Biden's Administration to condemn Israeli settlements and investigate the possibility of Israel using American equipment in the demolitions of Palestinian homes. In the letter, they expressed their support for the Palestinian people's legitimate rights and their concern about Israel's abandonment of its obligations under the Fourth Geneva Convention regarding the provision of health safety measures for citizens in the occupied Palestinian territory.

- We strongly condemn the opening of embassy offices in occupied Jerusalem by the Czech Republic and Kosovo.  Such unilateral steps violate the European and international consensus and law that Jerusalem is an occupied Palestinian Territory. They affect the political process's future and further violate the Palestinian people's rights in Jerusalem.

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