Remarks by Prime Minister Dr. Mohammad Shtayyeh Ahead of the Cabinet 99th Meeting


General Remarks:


- As yesterday marked International Women's Day, we greet all women on earth. To the women of Palestine: we pledge that we will spare no effort to achieve the victory you deserve. The representation/ participation of women in the upcoming legislative, Presidential, and National Council elections will establish a constitutional life where women will enjoy their legitimate rights.

- On 8 March, we saluted every Palestinian woman who persevered, succeeded, and raised Palestine. Women are our partners in the homeland towards freedom and independence - hand in hand and side by side. On this occasion, I commend all efforts exerted by Palestinian women, especially in the health sector.

- We congratulate the Arab and Islamic worlds on the occasion of Al-Isra Wa Al-Mi'raj on Thursday. May we celebrate this honorable occasion next year in freedom and independence on the borders of 4 June 1967 with Jerusalem as the capital of the State of Palestine and the right of return for refugees according to the UN resolution 194. We will remain faithful to the Al-Aqsa Mosque, the Church of the Holy Sepulchre, Jerusalem, and all of our land.


International Criminal Court (ICC):


- We welcome the Prosecutor of the International Criminal Court (ICC) decision to open a formal investigation into the Israeli crimes committed against our people. We praise her courage to open an investigation despite the challenges that preceded and followed her announcement.

- The Chief prosecutor's decision reflects her belief in the values of justice and equity, which were behind the court's establishment. The decision confirms that the hand of justice will reach the perpetrators of crimes and hold them accountable, that none of them will escape punishment, and that crimes are not subject to the statute of limitations. We will cooperate with the court, and we will provide all necessary data that will help accelerate the investigation to bring the perpetrators of crimes to justice.

- I find myself compelled to re-direct the same question that a brave American journalist posed to the US State Department spokesperson a few days ago without an answer. "Where the Palestinian people should go for justice and accountability if they could not rely on the ICC?” Unfortunately, The US State Department spokesperson did not answer this question.




- The third wave of the COVID-19 pandemic continues to affect our Palestinian society severely. In some areas, occupancy rates in hospitals have reached more than 100%. Since the beginning of the pandemic, many hospitals/ medical centers have been opened, including centers specialized in COVID-19 treatment. Occupancy rates in intensive care units also exceeded 100%, despite doubling their number since the beginning of the pandemic.

- The number of infected cases and the death toll is increasing by the day, which forced us to implement more strict, direct, and unprecedented measures. Therefore, our only option was to close markets and public places in many governorates.

- The delay in the global supply of vaccines (130 countries have not received a dose of the vaccine according to UN reports) necessitates adhering to wearing masks and keeping distance to protect ourselves and our society.

- I call upon friendly countries, vaccine-producing companies, and COVAX to fulfill their obligations by supplying the doses that we were promised to receive (as donations/ those we paid for and whose supply dates were delayed) so that we can provide a safe environment for the legislative elections scheduled to take place on  22 May.  Tomorrow, I will head a crisis cell meeting about vaccinations to urge these international bodies to fulfill their obligations.


Israeli Violations:


- We condemn the occupation authorities' intention to evict the indigenous residents of Jerusalem from their homes in Sheikh Jarrah for the benefit of its colonial settlers. We call on international organizations to urgently intervene and stop the eviction of citizens from their homes.

- We also call on the new US administration to translate its words into actions by working seriously to curb the settlement expansion. We call on the world countries to condemn these plans and compel Israel to stop them immediately.


Law Amendments:


- We have received observations and concerns from some civil society organizations related to the amended law provisions. Civil society plays a supportive and legal role in facing the occupation, strengthening society's cohesion, contributing to development, strengthening people's steadfastness, and preserving the values of justice, equity, transparency, and accountability. Therefore, we affirm our openness to review the proposed amendments in a manner that removes any confusion or concern.

- The government will initiate a dialogue with civil society representatives to agree on texts that promote transparency and good governance. I recommend putting on hold the items that require further understanding until we conclude this dialogue.

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