Summary of Key Remarks by Prime Minister Dr. Mohammad Shtayyeh Ahead of the Cabinet 92nd Meeting


Israeli Violations

- Israel's approval of establishing 760 (new) settlement units is an indicator of a race against time carried out by Israel with the outgoing US administration and a welcome for the new US President. We hope that the new US Administration and President would exert every possible effort to curb Israel's settlement attacks in Jerusalem and its periphery and the rest of occupied Palestine.

- What occurred in Madama village against Hala al-Qat is a pattern of daily violations against Palestinian children, olive trees, farms, and properties. Also, Abd al-Rahman al-Bashiti, 15 years-old, from Jerusalem, who suffers from chronic diseases, was arrested and subjected to the most severe forms of torture. We demand his immediate release.

- We demand an end to settlers' terror and colonial settlement attacks carried out by Israel to undermine the two-state solution. The international community must assume its responsibilities and protect the internationally endorsed two-state solution.



- We were pleased to welcome the decree issued by H.E. President Mahmoud Abbas that set a date for holding general elections.

- We reiterate the government's readiness to exert every possible effort to succeed in this necessary and needed process to end the internal division and bring back the democratic glow to the Palestinian institution and our people's daily lives in Palestine and everywhere else.

- These elections aim to strengthen our national project to reformulate national unity based on democracy. Therefore, the Palestinian- Palestinian dialogue, scheduled to be held early next month in Cairo, Egypt, in attendance of all Palestinian factions, would discuss the electoral process's success without any obstacles.

- In this context, Israel said that it adheres to signed agreements. One of the most important provisions of the signed agreements concerns the participation of our people in Jerusalem. Therefore, we will formally ask Israel to allow our people in Jerusalem to participate in the elections; in voting and nomination.

- We hope the international community will support this matter and call upon the EU member states, in cooperation with Palestine's Foreign Ministry, to prepare a team of international observers to help us, mainly in the election process in Jerusalem.

- I call upon our citizens to register and vote (in the upcoming elections) towards ensuring broad participation, especially among those voting for the first time.



- We extend our appreciation to our citizens for their commitment to the government's precautionary measures. Commitment and adherence have come with good results, and the number of infections is decreasing.

- The Cabinet, the Epidemiological Committee, and the High National Emergency Committee consider maintaining the currently implemented procedures.

- The requested vaccines are on their way to us. The Cabinet has signed a contract worth USD 10 million for two million vaccines.

- Due to the pressure exerted by the international community and from our side, Israel said it would adhere to providing vaccines to Palestinian prisoners - this proves that will and concrete pressure can lead to results.


The Cabinet also extended its best wishes to Palestinian-Armenians on the occasion of the Armenian Christmas.

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