(Council of Ministers’ Session No. (75


Council of Ministers’ Session No. (75)


We will forever be the guardians of the land and the holy places, and those who have values of truth, justice, freedom and national dignity do not compromise on them



The Prime Minister: We are looking ahead towards plans for all economic sectors.

Back to schools was done in accordance to a well-informed and well studied health protocols


Shtayyeh is calling upon all citizens to strictly comply with the to the preventive measures and warns from the consequences of violating such measures


Ramallah – The Prime Minister’s office: H.E. the Prime Minister, Dr. Mohammad Shtayyeh said that the American politics are aiming at confining the Palestinian leadership and its people and imposing more restrictions at the political, economic and financial levels. This was clear after the first round of the Festival of Normalization with Israel has finished.

The Prime Minister also added at the beginning of the Council of Ministers session Monday, morning that the US president, Donald Trump, has cut off all aids that were provided for us, and has prevented some Arab countries from fulfilling their commitments and obligations towards the Palestinian people in a systematic pressure process, and in an attempt to force us to trade our national rights and Jerusalem for the sake of money.


Moreover, the Prime Minister confirmed that: “The right holder is strong, and who has willingness and determination along with his faith in his homeland and belonging to it doesn’t compromise it for the money”.

Shtayyeh saluted all Arabs, people and nations, of those who believe in Palestine and its rights, freedom as well as the independence of its people; saying that we will forever be the protectors and guardians of this land and of Al-Aqsa Mosque.

Shtayyeh touched upon the hideous crime that occurred in Wadi Al-Nnar, confirming the relevant authorities shall apply every penalty provided in the law against those who committed this horrible crime.

As for the Coronavirus (COVID -19), the Prime Minister explained that the infection rates of the Coronavirus are still rising rapidly, and we have announced, last week, a series of strict measures and procedures; where we imposed penalties against those who violate such measures. He also pointed out the government and the official authorities will intensify the measures during the upcoming days to prevent any increase in the infection cases and rates.

He also discussed the return of the rest of students to their schools last Sunday; saying that 420 thousand students are enrolled in their schools after a long absence from their school (grades from 5 to 11); the educational process; thus completed, and by its all grades in the mixed system between the face to face teaching and the remote education (from home).

Furthermore, he said that schools do not generate viruses, and the most important thing is safety for students and the educational staffs inside and outside houses; as I hope that everyone, especially schools principals, monitor and manage the application of safety measures.

The Council of Ministers was provided with a report on the epidemical status in light of the rapidly rising infection rates and deaths to the Coronavirus. Also, the report presented the efforts that the Ministry of Health is putting on in order to control the epidemical curve. 

From her side, the Minister of Health explained that the World Health Organization in cooperation with the Ministry of Health has delivered 20 thousand swaps to Gaza Strip along with testing equipments that might help in controlling the outbreak of COVID-19 in Gaza strip.

The Council of Ministers was also provided with a report on the diplomatic efforts made to face the challenges facing the Palestinian cause in light of the continuous interest of some Arab countries on normalization with Israel, and on the eve of the new session of the UN General Assembly on Tuesday through the closed-door television channel for the first time in the history of the UN organization.

Accordingly, President Mahmoud Abbas will deliver an important speech before the General Assembly through the closed television channel on the 25th of September. H.E. the President will also deliver another short speech on the occasion of the 75th anniversary of the establishment of the United Nations. The periodic ministerial meetings of the regional localities/groupings will be held on the margins of the session, through Video Conference. Also, there will be a side event to support the inalienable rights of the Palestinian people, at the invitation of the South African State.

The Council of Ministers decided the following:

  1. Approving on the budget of greening Palestine for the year 2020/2021 with an amount of USD 3 million.
  2. Approving on starting the implementation of the project of establishing a sewage water transmission pipeline in Jericho.
  3. Adopting and approving the strategic sectoral plans for the years 2021 – 2023, and starting to work on preparing the annual operational plans.
  4. Approving on funding of a number of non-profit organization in the southern and northern governorates.
  5. Approving the recommendations of the technical committee regarding the early retirement of a number of employees.
  6. Adopting and approving the recommendations of the administrative committee for adjusting a number of organizational governmental structures.
  7. Approving on governing systems for the work of cooperative associations.


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