(cabinet session number 47 (Extraordinary Session of the Cabinet



During an Extraordinary Session of the Cabinet


The Corona crisis will be reflected on the 2020 budget


We will make plans to pass this crisis, it is necessary for everybody to cooperate and understand the situation


Shtayyeh: We will not hesitate to take any decisions or measures that guarantee the safety of our people


Ramallah - Prime Minister's Office: The Prime Minister Dr. Mohammad Shtayyeh confirmed: The government, under the direction of the President, will not hesitate to take any decisions or measures that guarantee the safety of our people.

This came at the beginning of the special extraordinary session of the Council of Ministers, which was held, this evening, Saturday, in the Prime Minister's Office in Ramallah, to discuss the budget and develop economic plans to cope during the state of emergency.

Shtayyeh said: "A week has passed since the measures were taken to confront this global epidemic, thank God that the decision to declare a state of emergency which was taken by the President and the government's actions has been timely, and we were the first country after China to resort to serious and strict measures which resulted in limiting the number of cases and preventing the spread of the virus The World Health Organization has commended the actions we have taken."

The Prime Minister called on the Israeli occupation authorities to release all detainees, especially the sick and those with chronic diseases in addition to children and women, in order to save their lives in light of the outbreak of the Corona virus (Covid 19) in “Israel”, while holding the Israeli occupation authorities responsible for any detainees being infected.

The Prime Minster appealed to international bodies, the Red Cross and humanitarian institutions to visit the detainees and work for their release and guarantee their safety in this difficult situation internationally and locally.


The Prime Minister said: "This epidemic and the needs to confront it and the continuation of Israel to deduct the funds of martyrs and detainees, is slowing the pace of production and resulting in lower imports and a decline in the total demand will reflect itself on local revenues clearing and international aid, and thus the budget in 2020."

He continued: "The government meeting today will lay down plans to pass of this crisis, but this matter requires cooperation and understanding of all."

Shtayyeh thanked the merchants for their cooperation and not exploiting the needs of people, and made it clear that we have no shortage of food, and that the responsible authorities and ministries follow up on this issue on a daily basis.

He continued: "We do what we can to help all the needy and reach them in this difficult circumstance."

Shtayyeh added: "I must thank all of our people for their understanding and cooperation in order to protect their lives and those of others. Thanks extended to the military, civil, and private sector employees for every effort they make for the safety of our valued people."

Shtayyeh renewed his call to citizens to perform all prayers in their homes to avoid being in crowded places, and to preserve their safety and that of others.

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