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The Palestinian Cabinet denounces the 'Deal of the Century’ and calls on the international community to not be a partner in it as it contravenes the international law.


During the weekly Cabinet meeting held in Ramallah today, Prime Minister Dr. Mohammed Shtayyeh denounced the 'Deal of the Century’ and expressed his rejection of it. “We reject the so-called 'Deal of the Century’ and we deem it a plan to liquidate the Palestinian issue,” Dr. Shtayyeh stated.

“We call on the international community to not be a partner in this deal as it contradicts the international law and the inalienable rights of the Palestinian people,” Dr. Shtayyeh added.

Additionally, Dr. Shtayyeh declared that “the so-called 'Deal of the Century’ is not based on the international legitimacy or the international law. It gives Israel everything it wants at the expense of the legitimate national rights of the Palestinian people represented in the independent, sovereign, and contiguous State of Palestine with Jerusalem as its capital and the right of return for refugees in accordance with international resolution No. 194.”

Moreover, Dr. Shtayyeh noted that “this deal is only a tool to fulfill the wishes of the occupying state, headed by Netanyahu, and does not constitute any basis for resolving the conflict,” adding that “The plan comes from a party that lost its credibility and eligibility to be an honest broker for a serious and genuine political process.”

Furthermore, Prime Minister Dr. Shtayyeh pointed out that this ill-fated deal undermines the foundations of the Arab solution, which were approved by successive summits, especially the Arab Peace Initiative, and that it contradicts the foundations of the solution set by Europe, just as it contradicts the vision of the non-aligned countries and the African summits conferences, noting that it has become a plan for negotiations between Gantz and Netanyahu and it is not the basis for a solution between Israel and Palestine.

“This Deal aims to protect Trump from impeachment and Netanyahu from prison. It is not a plan for peace in the Middle East, but rather a plan for the personal safety of its sponsors,” Dr. Shtayyeh told.

Besides, Dr. Shtayyeh clarified “This plan that does not give the occupied land to its people, does not recognize the borders of 1967, and does not recognize that Jerusalem is an occupied land, but rather it devotes Jerusalem to Israel as its capital, and wages a financial war against the UNRWA and closes the representation office of Palestine in Washington, and is working to drain the financial resources of the Palestinian National Authority, it is only a plan to liquidate the Palestinian issue, therefore, we reject it and we demand the international community to boycott it.”

Over and above, Dr. Shtayyeh demanded the Arab nation to act as a shield to protect Palestine from this huge conspiracy and to preserve the rights of the Palestinian people, explaining that President Mahmoud Abbas called on the Palestinian leadership to discuss possible ways of responding to this deal.

In a different context, Dr. Shtayyeh briefed the Cabinet on his participation in the World Economic Forum, held in Davos last week. “We had an active participation in the World Economic Forum and we have had many meetings with ministers and heads of international institutes in fields of infrastructure, information technology, renewable energy and medicines.” Dr. Shtayyeh expressed.

To conclude, Dr. Shtayyeh added: “We have invited the countries that participated in the World Economic Forum to respond to the 'Deal of the Century’ through recognizing the State of Palestine andconfronting Netanyahu's threats of annexation. We also demanded an immediate support of youth programs, vocational training, agriculture and trade relations.”



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