Palestine Excellence Government Program


During its weekly meeting held in Ramallah on May 20, 2019, the Palestinian Cabinet headed by Prime Minister Dr. Mahamad_ Shtayyeh, announced the launch of Palestine Excellence Government Program, which has been established according to the government administration international well as the establishment of Palestine Excellence Government Center in the Cabinet Secretariat. The Center will undertake the following tasks:


  1. Provide a permanent platform to raise the level of government performance and quality services in accordance with international standards. This will be achieved by providing direct technical support to government departments and employing successful experiences as well as best local and international practices.
  2. Enabling the government to govern the cross- sectorial businesses, by establishing and institutionalizing partnerships that are organized, sustainable and appropriate to modern development planning.
  3. Raise awareness and provide training in the principles and mechanisms of quality and excellence of services, partnerships, systems and processes necessary for the work of modern government.
  4. Planning and implementation of training courses in the field of assessment cycles.The training is an independent way to measure the quality of services as well as government performance in official departments; it`s worth mentioning that the outputs of this process will be used as an input for a continuous improvement process.
  5. Preparing and implementing the program of quality and excellence awards for government departments, services, work teams and individuals. This will be executed in parallel with planning and supervising the occasions of honoring and motivating the superior bodies in their performance according to the approved standards. This will be executed in parallel with planning and supervising the occasions of honoring and motivation for the excellent performance according to the approved standards.
  6. Conducting studies, researches, survives. In addition to making local, regional and international standard comparisons. Which would contribute in raising the government performance, benefiting from successful experiences, and issuing publications on government excellence in Palestine.