The Government Development Plan


During the Council of Ministers' Session No. 6 on May 21, 2019, the 18th government launched a short-term plan with a financial cost of $ 245 million and record performance indicators of 176 indicators. The main points of this plan are to encourage industrial, agricultural and tourism production, reduce unemployment and fight poverty, enhance the role of women and youth, pay attention to vocational education and training, safeguard public freedoms, promote transparency, and strengthen industrial cities.

In addition to creating entrepreneurial development projects, business incubators and technology start-ups, and promoting investment in clean energy, attention to water resources, and the establishment of national collective action to strengthen the resilience of citizens in the areas of health and education, vocational education, economy, electricity, agriculture and finance, in addition to daily issues that touch the lives of People

This is in addition to strengthening the overall economic planning process through Clustering, which aims to take advantage of the competitive advantages of each of the governorates of the homeland, and to maximize these advantages in economic terms, and start planning agricultural cluster, which include Tubas, Jenin, Tulkarm, Qalqilya, and Tourist Cluster in Bethlehem, and clusters of various services in and around Ramallah.

Agricultural Development (Agricultural Cluster): Qalqilya

A ministerial committee for agricultural development was established in Qalqilya governorate with the aim of developing and reclaiming agricultural lands on the basis of clusters development headed by the Minister of Agriculture, and the membership of the Minister of Local Government, Minister of Public Works and Housing, Minister of Economy, Minister of Labor, Minister of Education, and Minister of Higher Education. Head of the Water Authority, Head of the Land Authority, and Undersecretary of the Ministry of Interior

Industrial Development (Industrial Cluster): Hebron and Nablus

The Minister of National Economy was tasked with presenting a vision to the Council of Ministers on the clusters of industrial development in Hebron and Nablus governorates, as well as the development of industrial cities.


Jerusalem Development Plan (Capital Cluster)

The Minister of Jerusalem Affairs was tasked with preparing the capital cluster development plan, which would include the actual needs of the city of Jerusalem applicable on the ground and submit it to the Cabinet.

Southern Governorates Development Plan (Long Clusters)

The Minister of Public Works and Housing and the Minister of State for Entrepreneurship and Empowerment were tasked with presenting a vision to the Council of Ministers on the development of the southern governorates on the basis of development with longitudinal clusters "marine, agricultural and industrial cluster".

Tourism Development (Tourist cluster): Bethlehem

The Minister of Tourism and Antiquities was tasked with preparing the plan for the development of the tourism cluster in Bethlehem and presenting it to the Council of Ministers.

Administrative Development (Cluster Management)

The Secretariat General of the Council of Ministers is responsible for working on the administrative cluster, with the aim of enabling the Government to govern business across the sector through the establishment and institutionalization of organized and sustainable business partnerships appropriate for modern development planning.