Key Remarks by Prime Minister Dr. Mohammad Shtayyeh Ahead of the Cabinet 88th Meeting


I salute our citizens for their commitment to the government's procedures to combat the Coronavirus. The percentage of commitment has reached acceptable levels in all governorates, but we aspire to achieve a total commitment. We are closely monitoring the epidemiological situation, and we are following up on bringing the vaccine through the United Nations. However, the precautionary measures remain our hope in the protection against the virus. While the world is facing a new surge of the virus, we tell you to adhere to wearing masks, keeping distance, and avoiding gatherings.

I extend my sincere wishes to fellow Palestinian Christians on the occasion of Christmas, and I call on the Heads of Churches to observe the safety measures during the mass.

Today, we will start disbursing the remainder of the public employees' dues (around 1 billion shekels). This is in parallel to disbursing payments to the workers ($13 million) -and - social affairs payments ($136 million) for 115 thousand low-income families, of which 80,000 families are in the Gaza Strip that would benefit from 106 million shekels and 35,000 families in the West Bank that would benefit from 30 million shekels. These amounts fulfill our pledges to you and inevitably revive the citizens' purchasing power and contribute to pushing the economy's wheel.

A few days ago, the Israeli Knesset approved, in the preliminary reading, the legalization of settlement outposts in the West Bank. We consider this measure a war crime to add to the file at the International Criminal Court (ICC). We call upon the international community to exert every possible effort to confront Israel's colonial project, condemn it, stop it, and boycott its consequences. We consider colonization in all its forms and locations illegitimate and illegal. On the other hand, we condemn armed Israeli settlers' attacks against our citizens in Masafer Yatta and the south of Hebron.

We call upon the United Nations Security Council, which is convening today to discuss the issue of Israeli  settlements, to implement UNSC Resolution 2334. The government welcomes the joint statement of the Foreign Ministers of  Egypt, Jordan, and Palestine, which affirmed the international legitimacy resolutions, the last of which UNSC 2334, the Arab Peace Initiative, and that Palestine remains a central issue for the Arab World.  The request of President Mahmoud Abbas to hold an international peace conference constitutes an essential and real path to achieving peace based on international law and international legitimacy.

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