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The meeting called on our people in the Gaza Strip to abide by the instructions of the President and the government's measures to confront the Corona virus

A salute to the citizens in Bethlehem and all governorates for their high spirit of volunteerism and initiative taking in these difficult times

Coordination is ongoing with Jordan regarding the crossing bridge

The cabinet gave orders to dealing positively with female employees in government institutions on a case-by-case basis


H.E. Prime Minister Dr. Mohammad Shtayyeh stressed, at the start of the weekly cabinet meeting, which was held in the city of Ramallah today, Monday, that the government, through health and security crews and all of the state’s agencies, is working to reduce the spread of the "Corona" virus, through a series of measures precaution measures, after (5) new cases were recorded, including (4) in the Bethlehem governorate, and one in Tulkarm governorate, bringing the number of people infected with the virus in Palestine until Monday evening to (25) cases.

The Prime Minister announced the opening of a new hospital in Bethlehem this morning which will receive cases of persons infected with the virus, while referring to his meeting with representatives of the private health sector and civil institutions who expressed their willingness to help and provide assistance to the state’s agencies to prevent the spread of the epidemic. H.E said: "We had to close the city of Bethlehem to ensure the safety of its people, and for the sake of ensuring that the virus does not spread in the governorate and outside it. “He saluted the citizens in the governorate, praising their adherence to instructions issued by the state agencies and their attitude in taking the issues seriously to prevent the spread of the disease. The Prime Minister praised the precautionary measures that was initiated by the governor of Bethlehem governorate to close all mosques, churches, monasteries, archaeological sites, parks and wedding halls to prevent the spread of the epidemic.

The Prime Minister affirmed that all precautionary measures are being taken to prevent the spread of the virus under the directions of H.E. President Mahmoud Abbas "Abu Mazen", who is observing all developments, moment by moment, and sets all available capabilities to provide various needs as priorities whether in Bethlehem or in other governorates.

 The Prime Minister thanked and appreciated the governors’ medical staff, media crews, and the private sector, as well as the security forces that demonstrated a high commitment in implementing the instructions to prevent the spread of the epidemic. The Prime Minister saluted the spirit of volunteering and the initiation to help Bethlehem, also praising the unprecedented spirit of cooperation shown by our people and the seriousness in dealing with this matter as he said: "This spirit will remain highly appreciated by the Council of Ministers."

The Prime Minister called on our people in the Gaza Strip to fully adhere to the instructions and directions that the President issued, and the measures taken by the government to avoid any infection cases in the Gaza Strip. He praised the commitment of some in the government sector to the government's measures, and called on others to adhere to these measures to prevent the spread of the epidemic, as he said, "We are coordinating with the Jordanian and Egyptian sides regularly for the safety of our people, especially in the Gaza Strip."

The Prime Minister also called on all ministers to conduct field visits to their government departments to ensure that all safety measures are fully implemented, indicating that the Ministry of Finance has prepared an emergency budget to counter the virus, also stressing that the government is following the needs of our people in Jerusalem.

The Prime Minister expressed condolences to the Palestinian people, for the passing of a member of the Executive Committee of the Liberation Organization, and former combatant Interior Minister, Lieutenant General Abdul Razzaq Al-Yahya, after a life full of struggle. The Prime Minister expressed condolences to the Al-Yahya family.

The Prime Minister gave orders the ministers to deal positivity with women employees in government institutions, and to deal with each case separately, regarding the daily working hours that will take into account the conditions of women employees who have children in schools, kindergartens and nurseries, and who have no other options for childcare during their absence. He called for developing attendance and absence arrangements via (eye print) instead of finger print, in order to prevent the transmission of the virus, and work to sterilize all government buildings.

As for teachers duty in schools and universities, the Council of Ministers, and the Ministers of Education and Higher Education, have been empowered to take appropriate decisions that guarantee a partial time duty for teachers in schools and universities, to prepare distance learning programs, to compensate students throughout the closing period. In this context, the Council of Ministers calls on the people to keep their children at home as much as possible and to avoid gatherings except for the utmost necessity.

The Minister of Tourism presented a report on the foreign tourists who were in Bethlehem, indicating that the last group of (64) foreign tourists, including 14 American tourists, who had been quarantined in the "Angel Hotel" in Bethlehem, will leave the city today, after their clearance.

He also called on the Council of Ministers to deal with foreigners residing in all governorates who have been working to serve the Palestinian people for years as citizens and take all precautionary measures towards them as well to prevent the spread of the virus.

The Council of Ministers requested the private sector and all civil and community institutions to take into consideration the prevailing conditions and consider the necessity to deal positively with employees and estimate their ability to perform the tasks required of them, especially employees who have children in light of the closure of schools, nurseries and kindergartens in all governorates.

The Council of Ministers mourned the victims of the tragic fire that occurred in the Nusseirat Market in the central Gaza Strip, which claimed the lives of (12) citizens, and injured (56) others which the cabinet was directed by H.E President Mahmoud Abbas to handle treating them.

The Council took several decisions as follows:

  1. Form a permanent technical committee to lease and authorize investment in government lands.
  2. Approval of purchase permits for a number of natural and legal entities.
  3. Approving financing requests for a number of non-profit companies.
  4. Exempting women employees working in the government sector who have children needing childcare services from working at headquarters during the period of the state of emergency and they shall be allowed to work from home, according to special procedures, and the issue is decided on each case separately and with the permission of the Minister.
  5. Introducing the formation of the local bodies "Amateen Village Council" and "Far'ata Village Council", and instructing the Minister of Local Government to form committees to conduct the work of these newly created bodies until local council elections are held.
  6. Approve the changed orders in the additional works of the project to complete the sewage network and rehabilitation of the water network in the towns of "Al-Jib and Qatanna" in the Jerusalem governorate.
  7. Approving the mandatory technical instructions for concreate mixtures and accrediting the ministries of public works and the Ministry of National Economy as two competent bodies to monitor and inspect their application.
  8. Contracting with a consultant general and a laparoscopic surgeon, to localize the medical services in Palestine.
  9. Purchase food supplies for the housing and services centers and institutions of the Ministry of Social Development.
  10. A permanent technical team was formed to follow up and implement solutions to reduce traffic crises in Ramallah and Al-Bireh Governorate.

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