Prime Minister Brief Statement (25) cabinet Meeting


In his opening statement, during the weekly Cabinet meeting held in Ramallah today, Prime Minister Dr. Mohammed Shtayyeh expressed his gratitude to the Arab Republic of Egypt, his counterpart Mostafa Madbouly, and the Egyptian ministers for their warm reception. Dr. Shtayyeh also noted that this visit came out with fruitful results in economic, agricultural, and commercial issues as well as education, pilgrimage, electricity, finance, customs and telecommunications sectors.

Additionally, Prime Minister Dr. Shtayyeh announced that President Mahmoud Abbas is expected to travel to Saudi Arabia to hold meetings with the Custodian of the Two Holy Mosques King Salman bin Abdul Aziz. In this context, The Cabinet expressed wishes for a successful and fruitful visit. “We extend our thanks and appreciation for the continuous political, financial, religious and economic support provided by Saudi Arabia for Palestine,” Dr. Shtayyeh stated.

In a different context, Dr. Shtayyeh clarified that the financial crisis with Israel over tax money remains unresolved. “We insist on receiving our money in full and undiminished,” Dr. Shtayyeh told.

Moreover, The Cabinet expressed its rejection for the latest Israeli threats against our national economy. “We have the right to import what we want from whoever we want, and Israel has no right to dictate its commercial and political will on us,” Dr. Shtayyeh said.

To conclude, Dr. Shtayyeh called upon the world countries to stop Israeli colonial settlement as latest Israeli statistics show that the number of Israeli settlers has increased to 14,400 new settlers during 2018, which raises the number of settlers in the Palestinian territories to more than 700,000 settlers. Dr. Shtayyeh also denounced the establishment of the Chamber of Commerce of the so-called (Judea and Samaria) headed by some Israeli settlers.

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