Cabinet session No. (26) 21 October 2019 Cabinet session No. (26) 21 October 2019 Cabinet session No. (26) 21 October 2019


Cabinet session No. (26) 21 October 2019


Allocating funds to support the National Fund for Economic Studies program to finance studies preparation, project`s proposals, and investments opportunities in Palestine.


Defining 22nd October of each year as a national day for the olive tree.


Formation of a national team to prepare the national employment strategy.


Approval on the change order pertaining the project of widening the National Hospital in Nablus.


Ratification of the signed agreement between the Palestinian government and the Government of Argentina, which aims at encouraging the mutual study tours for experts, academics, and professionals. As well as enchanting experiences and documents in the fields of education and mutual acknowledgement of the certificates issued by  elementary, secondary and university educational institutions. 


Approval of Palestine accession to the multilateral memorandum of understanding about consultation, cooperation, and information exchange between the organizers of the capital markets in Arab countries members of the Union of Arab Securities Authority.


Ratification of technical cooperation agreement between the Palestinian government and the Chilean government, aims at deepen and strengthen the bilateral relations between the two countries, as well as exchanging the technical experiences


Approval of granting purchase permits to ordinary people as well as companies for possessing immovable real estates.


Ratification of the draft law that defines the marriage age in Palestine, and submitting it to The  President Mahmoud Abbas for the duly issuance.


Ratification of a draft law pertaining the mother`s right to open a bank account for her  minor children, and submitting it to H.E. President Mahmoud Abbas for duly issued