Decisions taken by the Palestinian`s cabinet during its session No. 114.


Decisions taken by the Palestinian`s cabinet during its session No. 114.


  1. Formation of the Technical and Advisory Team to Reconstruct the Southern Governorates from:  

Minister of Public Works and Housing (Head of the team), Minister of Local Government, Minister of National Economy, Minister of Agriculture, Minister of Labor, Head of  the Palestinian Energy and Natural Resources Authority,  Head of Water Authority, Head of the General Authority for Civil Affairs, and Director General of the Crossings and Borders General Administration.


  1. Approval of the year 2020 second annual Report of the work of the Ministerial Committees, and the execution of the Cabinet decisions.


  1. Authorizing the Councils of Local Authorities to act as business management Committees under the supervision and control of the Ministry of Local Government, until the local elections are held before the end of this year.


  1. Formation of a ministerial committee to follow up the financial situation of the State of Palestine.


  1.  Establishment of a committee to study the Palestinian governorates administrative situation, and its managerial divisions at the national level.


  1. Approval of the cooperation agreement between the Palestinian Central Bureau of Statistics and the Norwegian Ministry of Foreign Affairs- the Norwegian Representative Office in Palestine. The agreement is to implement the years (2021-2023) annual statistical program.


  1. Approval of the additional annex no. (9) For the additional advisory services to update the study of the environmental and social impact of the Hebron treatment plant project.


  1. Approval of the direct purchase for the electrical network analysis program with its training program.


  1. Referral on early retirement of a number of civil servants up on their request.


  1.  Approval of granting a number of purchase permits for individuals as well as companies to possess immovable real estates.


  1.  Approval of a number of funding requests for nonprofit companies.


  1.  Formation of A fact Finding Committee to examine the vaccine agreement with Pfizer Company and present its report to the Council of Ministers.