Cabinet session No.( 37) 13 December 2019


Cabinet session No.( 37) 13 December 2019


Formation of a committee define the reasons for the collapse of parts of the Al Safa School in Hebron.


Appointing seven doctors specialized in the Forensic Medicine to meet the shortage of forensic doctors and raise the quality of services at the Institute of Forensic Medicine.


Defining the director position of a directorate at the Ministry of Education with a rank of general director ( A4) from 01/01/2020 on, provided that this position will be hold according to the principles of fair competition, equal opportunities, and the ministry rules and conditions to occupy the position.


Pay all the dues of employees working for the high school exam (questions` framers, observers, correctors, auditors, and the data entries within two months of announcing the exam`s results and no later than the month of September of that year



. Formation of a national team to modernize the penal code aiming at strengthening the criminal justice, protecting society and ensuring its security.


Approval of the signed agreement between the Palestinian Ministry of Social Development and Turkish Ministry of Family, Labor and Social services in the field of social policies. This MEMO aims to support and develop the joint work and cooperation in the fields of family, social security and social services by contributing in the enhancement of the social services efficiency offered to households, children, women, elderly, persons with disabilities and families of martyrs and prisoners.


Approval the recommendations of the electronic payment system committee, and adopt the required tender document to complete the steps the Electronic Payment Project.


Agreement of granting a number of purchase permits to individuals and     companies to possess immovable assets.