Cabinet session No. (39) 13 January 2020


Cabinet session No. (39) 13 January 2020


Ratification of the agreement between the Palestinian Central Bureau of Statistics and the Russian Federation Federal State Statistics Service with the aim of developing and improving the work and its quality  in various statistical fields.



Approval on the establishment of the Palestinian National Authority for Technical and Vocational Education and Training, which shall be regulated by the law.



 Establishment of a public university for education and technical and vocational training.



Approval of the dealing mechanism with the outstanding debts of the Jerusalem District Electricity Company in its concession areas.


 Adoption of the eighth attachment of the special supervision contract for the completion of the north Gaza sewage plant concluded with “Art ilia".



Stopping the work of adopting the slogan of the presidency of the state of Palestine for the group 77+ China " G77"  on all government department`s official papers.



Agreement of granting a number of purchase permits to individuals and  companies to possess immovable assets.