Cabinet session No. (32) 25 November 2019.


Cabinet session No. (32) 25 November 2019.


Final approval of the national committee`s recommendations to study and evaluate the electricity sector aiming at developing the energy sector and encouraging investment in the renewable energy.


Allocate Nis 2 million to manage the emergency cases caused by the weather bad conditions in winter.


Allocate fund for expanding the Data National Center for hosting the government databases including “Gemolog” information system. The center aims at protecting the Palestinian govemental and semi-governmental institutions from the possible cyber-attacks.


Re- constitute the bidding central committee for non-constancy supplies and services except those related to public works.


Approval of the recommendations set by the special technical committee for preparing the importing mechanisms of the agricultural food products especially for olive oil. Thus, the olive oil import license will not be granted for this season. Accordingly the related monitory and control bodies have been activated to prevent smuggling olive oil from Israel and preserve consumer`s health and safety as well as the interests- of the Palestinian farmers.


Approval of granting purchase permits to individuals as well as companies to possess immovable real estates.