Cabinet session No. (38) 6 January 2020


Cabinet session No. (38) 6 January 2020


Accredit the period of preliminary contracts of the proven teachers as years of service for the purposes of retirement, promotion and bonus, and instructing the Palestinian Pension Agency to prepare a mechanism of retirement deductions payment that guarantees the employee and the General Treasury will pay the retirement deductions stipulated by the law.


Allocate (Nis 812,500), within the budget of the Ministry of Agriculture for 2020, to help Greenhouses farmers especially those who are affected by the weather bad conditions. The Cabinet also assigned the Ministry of Agriculture to identify and estimate the damages caused by the weather conditions, and accordingly provide the in-kind assistance to duly meet the requirements of the affected farmers.


 Adopt the concept of multidimensional poverty within the government social development policy aiming at creating social development policies that capable of providing decent and sustainable life for citizens.


Agreement of granting a number of purchase permits to individuals and companies to possess immovable assets.