Cabinet session No. (75) 21 September 2020


Cabinet session No. (75) 21 September 2020


Approval of the 2021- 2023 sectorial strategic plans and start preparation of the governmental department’s annual executive plans.


Approval of the Sewage collection Network Project for transforming sewage water to Jericho.


Formation of a special tendering committee to call for pre- qualification of the licensed nurseries to purchase seedlings necessary for the implementation of Palestine 2020-2021 Greening project.  


Accreditation of the Ministry of Health and the Ministry of National Economy as two competent parties for monitoring and inspection over the process of reducing the salt percentage used for bread.


Ratification of the cooperation agreement between the Central Bureau of Statistic and the "Trade Data Monitor" TDM, which aims to exchange the Palestinian foreign trade data by building capacities and providing consultation services required to develop the data and its quality.


Referral on early retirement of a number of civil servants up on their request.


Approval of a number of financial fund requests to non-profit companies