Cabinet session No. (22) 23 September 2019.

Cabinet session No. (22) 23 September 2019.

1. Ratification of a Joint Financing Agreement signed between the Ministry of Education and the German Federal Ministry of Economic Cooperation and Development KFW, to support the Palestinian Strategic Plan 2017-2022 at a value of $90 million over three years, to ensure a safe, comprehensive and fair enrollment of all levels in the educational system, development of learning environment and methods, and student-centerd learning, to seek leadership, governance, results-based management and accountability.

2. Approval of the two service purchase agreements from the Egyptian hospitals such as the purchase of kidney and liver transplant service from Manial University Specialty Hospital and the cancer treatment service from Gamma Nayef Center.

3. Ratification of a Memorandum of Understanding signed between the Palestinian Civil defense General Directorate and Maltese Civil Protection Authority for cooperation in the field of civil protection. The MOU aims to facilitate the bilateral cooperation in the field of forecasting prevention and mitigation of the effects of natural or human disasters in each country. The cooperation will be through the exchange of information, technical expertise and development of joint projects to support the Palestinian Civil Defense with specialized equipment in the field of civil protection.

4. Approving the tariff of selling electricity from one distributor to another.

5. Approve the granting of purchase permits to ordinary people to own immovable property.

6.  Approval of hiring a specialist surgeon to work in Palestine Medical Complex.