Cabinet session No. (62) Monday 22 June 2020


Cabinet session No. (62)  Monday 22 June 2020


The formation of a higher steering committee to revive the economic sectors affected by the Corona pandemic, so that the committee will determine the economic standards and interventions necessary to revitalize the economic sectors, especially those most affected by the Corona pandemic, and ensure the integration and unification of efforts to take the necessary decisions for economic recovery.



Forming a committee to choose the general manager of the state bank.


Hiring a pediatric surgeon to work in the Palestine Medical Complex.


Approval the change order of the project to pave and expand the main street in Ni'lin / Ramallah and Al-Bireh.



Add the Ministry of Health to the membership of the Technical Committee that is responsible for the damages inventory caused for hotels’ use of quarantine.


Agreeing to grant a number of purchase licenses to physical and legal persons to possess immovable property.


Approval of  the destruction system for case documents and judicial papers, that have been from a long time ago, and there is no benefit from remaining and keeping them in the regular courts