Cabinet meeting No. 63 June 29,2020

Cabinet meeting No. 63 June 29,2020

Approval of purchasing the pre-emptive health tools and instruments especially used for combating the Coronavirus from small and medium enterprises operating in this field.


Approval of the Ministerial Committee`s recommendations set to define the developmental requirements of the Jordan Valley. The committee will operate to support the steadfastness of the people of the area by allocating the needed funds to support the agricultural projects such as reclamation of land, construction of agricultural roads, and cultivation of areas of land for increasing the amount of production.

The support will also be focused on the development of livestock as well as the water resources. Therefore, the committee will take the necessary steps to benefit from water resources belongs to the Palestinian Water Authority, such as diverting the groundwater for crops irrigation, especially  to irrigate the palm trees. Constructing a renewable energy station, providing all necessary health requirements   to ensure the quality of health services, and ensuring that Civil Defense has access to the necessary health care.

The work in the Jordan Valley will also include special support to the youth sector, and an exemption of 75% from the fees of housing licenses for the residents of the area. The work vision also includes the development of the public facilities, and the provision of scholarships to undergraduate students

in several fields such as medicine, veterinary, and agricultural engineering. In addition, the establishment of a government complex for all ministries which provide facilities and services to citizens.


Establishing a National Curriculum Center that shall be regulated by the law.


Ratifying the signed agreement between the Palestinian Bureau of Statistics and the (UNDP) to conduct a survey regarding the impact of the Coronavirus Pandemic on the economic and social situation.


Approval of renting a headquarter for the use of the governorate of Hebron,in Halhul, and a new headquarter for the use of the Ministry of Social Development in Jericho


Approval of a number of fund requests for nonprofit companies.


Approval of granting a number of purchase permits to physical and legal persons to possess immovable properties.


Approval of the statute of recognition and equivalence of certificates issued by the non - Palestinian institutions of higher education.