Cabinet session No. (78) 12 October 2020


Decisions of the Palestinian`s cabinet meeting No. 78.

  1. Formation of a higher ministerial supervision committee to execute the cluster based agricultural work plan, provided that the committee shall prepare the required programs and procedures for executing the plan, and enhancing cooperation and coordination among the various institutions.
  2. Establishment of a ministerial committee to prepare a vision and a work plan to protect the agricultural land provided that the committee shall study the status quo of the agricultural land and the establishments built on it The committee shall also prepare proper licensing procedures necessary to protect those establishments.
  3.    Formation of a committee to study the government needs for buildings and land. If the committee shall execute needs assessment according to specifications and measurements aligned with the work of the governmental institutions, and accordingly define the purchase or establishment priorities based on, a master plan that meets the urgent needs of directorates, hospitals, and other facilities across the country.
  4.  Approval of purchasing the sheltering, rehabilitation and treatment services for the Ministry of Social Development from the Yokan School for Children with Learning Difficulties and from the kharma Center for Children with Autism


  1. Approval of accrediting the private medical laboratories for the Corona Virus test according to the laboratories` international standards, the monitory conditions, licensing, and the accreditation conditions of the Ministry of Health
  2. Approval of amending the registration fees in the intellectual property rights holder’s agent registry.
  3. Approval of granting a number of purchase permits to individuals and companies to possess immovable real estates.
  4. Ratification of the Palestine`s accession to the amended charter of the East Mediterranean Gas Forum.
  5. Approval of a modified act for the local authorities building and regulation system no. (6) For 2011.
  6. Approval of the amendments of the civil service bylaw No. (4) For 2009, and the amended bylaw No. (11) For 2013.
  7.  Approval of the delimiting system of the electoral districts and their respective population centers