Decisions taken by the Palestinian Cabinet during its session No. 190.


Decisions taken by the Palestinian Cabinet during its session No. 190.

1.      Approval of Formation of the Board of Directors of the Telecommunications Regulatory Authority.

2.      Approval of funding the sanitation project for the northeast of Ramallah.

3.      Ratification of the MOU between the Government of the State of Palestine and the Government of the Republic of Tunisia in the fields of urban development and housing, constructions, roads, bridges and biddings.

4.      Approval of disbursing a sum of money to Mahmood Darwish Foundation in Galilee/Kafr Yasif for the year 2023.

5.      Approval of adjusting prices of two tenders for the southern water carrier, which is part of the central desalination plant project in Gaza.

6.      Renewal of the representative of the Ministry of National Economy membership at the Board of Directors of the Palestinian Electricity Transmission Company.

7.      Formation of a committee to study the issue of loans provided by the Indian and Italian governments.

8.      Formation of a committee to update land`s law to cope with the digital transformation in providing services.

9.      Adding a representative from the National Security Apparatus to the membership of the higher committee for civil peace and reform, and attach it to the Ministry of Interior.

10.  Approval of renewing contracts of two experts to work at the Independence Bank for investment and Development.

11.  Contracting with an expert to work at the Ministry of Social Development.

12.  Referral of a number of civil servants on early retirement up on their request.

13. Approval of granting fund to a number of non- profit companies.

Approval of granting a number of purchase permits to individuals as well as companies to possess immovable real estates