Decisions taken by the Palestinian Cabinet during its session No. 89



Decisions taken by the Palestinian Cabinet during its session No. 89.

  1. Considering Thursday January 7th, 2021 as an official holiday in Palestine on Eastern Orthodox Christmas.
  2.  Adopting "Technology and Public Administration Cluster" as a road map for the Palestinian digital economy based on knowledge and information.
  3.  Approval of dealing procedures with the problem of employees stranded outside the country due to closures caused by the Corona pandemic.
  4. Approval of customs tariffs for costs and revenues for frequencies and professions of communication, information technology and express mail
  5. Approval of allocating funds form the 2021 annual budget to conduct financial settlements for Jerusalem schools.
  6. Formation of a ministerial committee set to develop selecting and employing principles, procedures and standards for new teachers.
  7. Approval of extending the advisory contract for following up the implementation of the Gaza reconstruction`s Kuwaiti grant.
  8. Approval of a number of fund requests for non - profit companies.
  9. Approval of granting a number of purchase permits to individuals and companies for possessing immovable real estates.
  10.  Approval of cancellation, merging and annexation of 30 non-ministerial government institutions with the aim of developing the services, raising the level of coordination, preventing duplication and rationalizing expenditures.