Cabinet session meeting No. 66 July 20, 2020



Cabinet session meeting No. 66 July 20, 2020


Approval of extending the work within the incentive packages of Information and Communication Technology (ICT) projects in cities and free industrial zones for an additional period of six months for the purpose of encouraging investment.


Excluding the Ministry of Local Government and the local authorities from using the unified contracts and tenders standardized documents for additional six months.


Approval of committee`s recommendations regarding studying the circumstances of the infringement of part of the land of the  Palestinian Industrial Estate and Free Zones Authority (PIEFZA) in Jericho.


Allow nurseries to operate in accordance with the decisions regulating the state of emergency, and subject to compliance to the approved health protocols. So the Ministry of Health and the ministry of Social Development shall undertake the task of ensuring that all nurseries abide by the health instructions through inspection and supervision over all nurseries.


Referral of a number of employees to early retirement according to the principles based on their request.

6 Establishment of the Government Good Governance National Team for Revenues collected against governmental services.  The team will undertake the task of  studying  legislations that regulate the fees collected by government`s departments against public services, as well as  studying the applicable mechanisms and procedures for revenue collection, and then put  the revenues standards and controls, and define the prices of governments services.