Decisions taken by the Palestinian Cabinet during its session No. 182


Decisions taken by the Palestinian Cabinet during its session No. 182.

  1. Announcing holidays of New Year, Christmas (Eastern) and Christmas (Western).
  2. Allocate money as a financial assistance to the local government of Bethlehem to prepare for Christmas celebrations in the city.
  3. Emphasis on halting extensions of service to any civil servant reached the retirement age (60 years old), according to articles No. (96, 97) of the Civil Service Law.
  4. Approval of the Recommendations set by the government needs assessment of buildings and land committee and the Five- Year Plan of Needs.
  5. Approval of the recommendation of the special committee for following up the sector of youth and sports.
  6. Adding the Ministry of National Economy to the membership of the special committee to prepare the terms and conditions for establishing public transport companies in cooperation between the government and the private sector.
  7. Approval of direct contracting to implement an installation project of an air conditioning unit in the central prison of Jericho.
  8. Exceptional approval of appendix No. (6) of consultation contract extension for Jenin Indusial Free Zone Project.
  9. Approval of direct purchase and supply of laboratory materials of blood test (CBC) for the Ministry of Health. 
  10. Approval of direct purchase of maintenance service for the document management system of the Land Authority.
  11. Approval of direct purchase to complete some permanent works at the new headquarter of the Ministry of Local Government.
  12. Approval of the two leasing contracts of Al Ahli Bank Company.
  13. Approval of the leasing contract of Palestine Children's Relief fund.
  14. Approval of contracting with employees to work at the Ministry of Endowment and Religious Affairs.
  15. Approval of renewal of contracts of departments’ managers working at the Independence Bank for Investment and Development.
  16. Referral on early retirement for a number of security servants upon their request.
  17.  Approval of granting a number of purchase permits to individuals as well as companies to possess immovable properties.
  18. Ratification of the MOU between the Ministry of Entrepreneurship and Empowerment and (SPARK) institution in the field of providing innovation and entrepreneurship services to Palestinian youth.
  19. Approval of work according to the Computable General Equilibrium model (CGE).
  20. Referral to H.E President of the State of Palestine to allocate plots of lands in all Palestinian governorates.
  21. Referral to H.E President of the State of Palestine the Liberalization of Trade in Services Among Arab Countries Agreement.