Cabinet session No. (81) 02 November 2020


Decisions of the Palestinian`s cabinet meeting No. 81.

1. Ratification of the Amended Arab Cooperation Agreement Regulating and Facilitating Relief Operations.

2. Appointing the president of the Government Technical and Vocational Education and Training University.

3. Accrediting the first batch of aid beneficiaries list with a number of 10 thousand workers from those affected by the Corona Virus across the governorates, and disbursing Nis 700 per person.

4. Allocating fund to compensate hotels used for quarantine during the Corona Pandemic.

5. Approval of project implementation for the establishment of internal water network in the village of Tamoun, and the camp of Al Fara`a.

6. Referral on early retirement of a number of civil servants up on their request.

7. Formation of a special committee to study ways of supporting the tourism private sector in Palestine during the period of Corona Pandemic.

8. Formation of a special committee to study the telecommunication and information technology bill.

9. Establishment of a special legal committee to set mechanisms dealing with the other side regarding the water bills.

10. Ratifying the classic vehicles ‘regulation.

11. Establishment of “Palestine Water Company" aiming at enhancing water resources and achieving the institutional, water and financial sustainability.

12. Establishment of a special committee set to handle the issue of electricity and water debts, provided that the committee shall deal with water and electricity dues through proper collection mechanisms for monthly payments, adjudicating between water problems electricity problems.