Cabinet session No. (72) 31 August 2020


Cabinet session No. (72) 31 August 2020


Adopting the Voluntary Civil Service program “18/3" to be implemented in the public institutions and governmental departments,  in the  aims of enhancing youth active participation in social, cultural, and political aspects, that promotes the spirit of patriotism and respect for human rights principles.


Approval of employing a civil servant employee in the Ministry of Education for the year 2020.


Accreditation of the teacher`s oath.


Providing financial assistance to the National Assembly of the Palestinians` Martyrs Families.


Ratifying the Memorandum of Understanding for the development of the entrepreneurial environment, which will be executed in cooperation with the International Finance Corporation (IFC), to enhance and facilitate the development of the entrepreneurial environment, review its 2019-2023 strategy, and support its implementation


Approval of granting purchase permits to individuals and companies to possess immovable properties.


Approval of a number of requests for Non- profit companies to support the student grant programs. 


Approval of accreditation for the additional works to rehabilitation the main street in Arraba/ Jenin.


Approval of extending the validity of the insurance services at the Palestinian Energy and Natural Resources Authority, and the Palestinian Electricity Transmission Company, as well as the Palestinian Electricity Sectors Regularity Commission .


Adopting the technology geolocation of the caller in emergencies on police, civil defense and ambulance numbers, to facilitate access to the person, and provide emergency services as quickly as possible


Establishment of a higher steering committee to supervise the education channels, provided that the committee operates to prepare the channel`s plan and working program to ensure the integration between the (face to face education) and the (E - Education), by educating schools` students and their families about the procedures of returning back to school.