Cabinet meeting No. 67 July 27, 2020



Cabinet meeting No. 67 July 27, 2020


The start of Eid Al Adha holiday on Thursday morning, 07/30/2020 AD until Monday evening, 08/03/2020 AD.


Approval of allocating fund to assist those affected by the Israeli occupation`s acts of demolishing in the neighborhood of Wadi - AlHummus and the village of SurBaher in Jerusalem.


Approval of direct procurement and call for quotations for special purchases of the 2020 development projects in the Jordan Valley.


Approval of the name of the newly established government Bank, which was established according to a presidential decree on August 10, under the name of Palestine Investment Bank (PLC).


Formation of a ministerial committee operates to reduce the spread of negative phenomenons in the society, provided that the committee will undertake the responsibility of preparing a vision and a work plan to limit the negative phenomena, and suggest the solutions and programs required to handle the bad phenomena outcomes from religious, social, educational, and cultural perspective


Formation of a technical committee to set a vision dealing with the refugee camps outstanding debts because of using electricity. The committee will operate to establish solar energy stations on the roofs of the camp`s houses as well as on the nearby Endowment lands (Waqf). Therefore, the committee shall estimate the economic and financial costs of these stations and its implications on debts handling


Extending the work of the Palestinian performance assessment committee for the period of Corona pandemic


Submission a request to H.E the president Mahmoud Abbas to acquire a plot of land by for the benefit of the public treasury to establish public facilities for Al-Istiqlal university.


Approval of granting a number of purchase permits for individuals and companies to possess immovable land.


Approval of the agriculture cluster “Resilience & development “ “Somood and Tanmia" development plan in Jenin.


Approval of the agricultural cluster development plan in Tulkarim.