Cabinet meeting No. 64 July 7,2020

Cabinet meeting No. 64 July 7,2020

Forming a ministerial committee to support the Ministry of Education's plan


 to return to schools and keep pace with the next academic year 2020/2021


Adoption of blended learning approach (BL), based on a combination of traditional (face-to-face) education and remote (technology) education in all Palestinian schools. This model of learning will be implemented throughout the period of Coronavirus according to the adopted health protocols. Therefore, the Ministry of Education has been mandated to supervise the learning process, and to implement the principles of good governance that ensures the fairness and quality of the blended learning process. The Ministry shall also take the proper measures to align with the applicable legislations including ensuring the adherence of civil and private schools to the educational   model approved in public schools.


Considering the actual closing days of the governorates during the state of emergency a justified holidays for contracts concluded by the government with third parties under the provisions of the public procurement law. Whereby none of the contracted parties bears any legal or financial responsibility towards the other.


Adding an additional representative of martyr’s families to the National Team to deal with the issue of detaining the martyr’s bodies.


Allocate (7) transactions to employ a childhood and juvenile protection psychologists at the Ministry of Social Development.


Approval of renting headquarters for the Commission of Detainees and EX-Detainees Affairs, the directorate of interial in Halhul-Hebron, and the National Security Forces in Nablus.


Approval of granting a number of purchase permits to physical and legal persons to possess immovable properties