Cabinet session No. (74) 14 September 2020


Decisions of the Palestinian`s cabinet meeting No. 74.

  1. Approval of the (2020-2021)petroleum and gas purchase needs in the Palestinian Market
  2. Contracting with a specialized technical and legal services center for the rights of workers working in the other side, and following up the collection of their financial dues.
  3.    Approval of allocating financial assistance for the Water Sector`s Regulatory Council for 2020.
  4.  Allocating fund for the Jericho landfill rehabilitation to raise its capacity. 
  5. Approval of a number of financial fund requests for non- profit companies.
  6. Agreement of granting a number of purchase permits to individuals and companies to possess immovable properties.
  7. Ratification of the defining system for work sectors and the degree of its risk, and accreditation of the fees system for training programs, supervisors and committees.